• Media Training.  Matt offers one-on-one media training for everyone from beginners to experts both inside and outside the media in how to effectively and powerfully present themselves on-camera or on-mic.  He also offers one- or two-day media training workshops for groups as small as one and as large as your largest capacity room can hold.  These customizable workshops cover everything from who the media is to how to use it to your best advantage.  Who runs the media.  Who the major players are inside a newsroom.  Who’s most likely to pick up your story, and who best to avoid.  How stories are selected and presented (or even killed).  Why reporters ask the questions they do, and what questions you can expect during interviews.  How to cultivate relationships with both local and national media.  How best to present your message to the media to ensure your message is what the media, in turn, will present to its audience.  And how to present yourself in the media in the most impactful way.  
  • Presentation Coaching.  Taking your media training to a new level.  Matt draws upon his stage experience to help you become your best public messenger.  His tricks of the trade from both inside the media and and on-stage performing will help you gain new confidence and mastery of both yourself and your message when you step into the spotlight, whether it’s in a broadcast studio or addressing crowds large and small.  Lessons include proper breathing, posture, movement, facial expressions, and how to coordinate all of these nonverbal cues with the message you’re trying to convey into a cohesive and meaningful experience for your audience.  
  • Image Coaching.  Fine-tuning your media training.  Matt will use his television producing expertise to help you polish your image, smooth out any distractions, and amplify those positive qualities that will leave a lasting impression with your audience.  Matt will work with you on improving (or even just refining)  everything from your personal grooming to your color and wardrobe choices. 
  • Public Speaking.  As someone who’s worked as a professional communicator in platforms ranging from the privacy of a “one-man-band” radio studio … to fully-staffed television studios … and performing on stage before more than a thousand people, Matt can help you best tailor not only your message but the presentation of your message to the type of audience who will be consuming it.  
  • Crisis Communications.  Everyone’s worst-case scenario.  But it needn’t be.  Matt’s history of covering breaking news for more than two decades can help you shape and convey your message with lightning speed and powerful impact.  When most organizations find themselves falling into a tailspin, Matt can help you cut through the fog of crisis and land that plane with a grace and style that will leave your audience remembering not the original crisis, but only your artful way of handling it — with, of course, your final message as their ultimate takeaway.  
  • Media Consulting.  Services for the media.  Matt offers his two and a half decades of industry tenure in running newsrooms and broadcasts ranging from small market radio to network television shows as your tool and roadmap to more powerful and compelling programming and a winning market share.  Matt’s unique combination of expertise and instinct has helped him build and grow effective organizations that produce programming that truly resonates with audiences.  His time-tested formula of Reportability, Relatability, and Relevance has resulted in award-winning broadcasts that are quickly becoming the new industry standard.  
  • Writing and Editing.  Copywriting.  Speech writing.  Whatever the medium, whatever the platform, and regardless of the message, Matt is an award-winning writer by vocation and has the ultimate gift and talent for taking raw data and presenting it in the most audience-appropriate, relevant, and memorable manner.